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Die Ferdinand Heinrich Logistik GmbH
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Robert Müller European Logistics Gruppe

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Please note that the acceptance of your goods is subject to the following conditions.

All non-Community goods unloaded at our warehouse are transferred to our custody. The ATB No., including the corresponding position (attribution effected by us), can be called up under the existing link.

To pick up your shipment, the ATB, including the corresponding position, must be done by you. This is possible by entering it as preliminary document in the follow-up procedure. In any case, however, the termination of custody must be apparent to us in our customs system.

A completed obligation note (incl. collection reference) and, depending on the agent, a delivery note must also be presented. Euro pallets must be exchanged when the consignment is accepted.

After expiry of the ATB deadline, the consignment is transferred to a customs warehouse. The resulting costs shall be borne by the goods.

We work exclusively on the basis of ADSp 2003.

Request ATB

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Request ATB

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