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Die Ferdinand Heinrich Logistik GmbH
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Own transportation fleet

In addition to the right transport and logistics concept, reliable and modern equipment is also required to offer excellent service. We also know how important flexibility and short response times are in a modern supply chain. In times of high market fluctuations in vehicle capacities, the Robert Müller Group consistently relies on its own high-performance vehicle fleet and thus distinguishes from the competition.

The fleet includes more than 100 modern EURO V and Euro VI towing units, such as:

Swap body vehicles with 2 swap bodies

Loading units: tarpaulin swap body, box swap body, double-deck swap body

  • 7.45 loading metres / swap body
  • 18 pallet bays / swap body
  • 10.0 tonnes payload / swap body
  • Euro V and Euro VI emission standards
  • Equipped with a GPS vehicle location system

Tractor units

Loading units: tautliner, box semitrailer, thermo box semitrailer

  • 13.6 loading metres
  • 34 pallet bays
  • 24.0 tonnes payload
  • Euro V and Euro VI emission standards
  • Equipped with a GPS vehicle location system

Medium-duty trucks
(12-15 Tonnes)


  • 7.0 loading metres
  • 17 pallet bays
  • 5 – 6 tonnes payload
  • Equipped with lifting platform with up to 1.5 tonnes lifting capacity
  • Equipped with a GPS vehicle location system



  • Up to 1.0 ton payload
  • Equipped with a GPS vehicle location system
  • Ideal for special consignments and urgent small shipments

In addition, the Robert Müller Group has more than 350 towed units and loading units. Our own workshop and truck wash ensure permanent availability and the well-maintained condition of our vehicle fleet.

In particular, our vehicle fleet can be economically used for you in the following areas:

  • Transfers and cross transports
  • Express services & special consignments
  • Provision of vehicles and use of vehicles free of charge
  • Optimised loading and unloading through provision of preloading units

For you, this means:

  • Exact consideration of your needs
  • Predictability and reliability
  • Technically safe and up-to-date equipment
  • Improved processes and satisfied customers

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