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As a transport and logistics service provider, we are well aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Topics such as climate change, responsible use of resources and environmental protection are important to us. Therefore, we have implemented an integrated environmental management system and strive to minimize our negative effects on the environment. Ecological and economic aspects are by no means mutually exclusive. In concrete terms, this means for us in daily routine:

  • The use of low-emission and environmentally friendly vehicles complying with EURO V and EURO VI standards
  • Fuel-efficient driving and regular driver training
  • The use of combined road/ rail transport
  • Consistent reduction and monitoring of energy consumption in offices and warehouses
  • Paperless work to a great extent thanks to modern IT systems and technology
  • Use of advanced IT software with intelligent route planning to minimize empty mileages.

At the same time, we carry out regular audits to monitor and continually improve our measures. Thus we are certified according to ISO 14001:2015 in the field of green logistics and carry out continuous carbon footprint calculations within the framework of cooperation analyses.

Our certifications

Modern fleet

By using an environmentally friendly and low-emission vehicle fleet and efficient transport planning tools, the Robert Müller Group optimizes its energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable buildings

When planning buildings, the Robert Müller Group focuses on energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. We use light strips and economical LED lamps to light our facilities as well as modern building insulation and rainwater harvesting to conserve natural resources.

Combined transports

In European land transport, the Robert Müller Group also relies on combined transports by road and rail in order to meet the wishes of our customers in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do you have any questions?

We will be glad to help you. Please use our contact form.

Do you have any questions?

We will be glad to help you. Please use our contact form .