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Die Ferdinand Heinrich Logistik GmbH
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Robert Müller European Logistics Gruppe

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Company history

From a one-man company to a group of companies with eight locations and more than 400 employees: Since its foundation by Mr. Robert Müller in 1949 in Hülzweiler, the group of companies continues to grow steadily and sustainably, without forgetting its inner values and goals as a traditional family business.

As a guarantee of success, the satisfaction of our customers is for us the measure of all things. That is why we are where we are needed and offer what is needed. We therefore invest in locations, technology, ideas and markets, find innovative customer solutions and continually expand our service – as we have been for several years now.

From 2000 until today

2022Ferdinand Heinrich Logistik GmbH merges with Robert Müller GmbH and continues to operate as a branch.
2015A new location is taken over in Chemnitz and a new 3,000 square meter logistics facility is built in order to further strengthen the company's presence in Eastern Germany. Thereby the Robert Müller Group is now represented in the 24 plus logistics network system network with five locations.
2011The Leipzig branch also becomes a system partner in the general cargo cooperation 24plus logistics network.
2008The business in the Hamburg branch is expanded by the founding of Ferdinand Heinrich Logistik GmbH and expanded by the know-how and networking of the old traditional company Ferdinand Heinrich GmbH & Co KG. Thus, the Hamburg location becomes partner of the system of 24plus logistics networks.
2007The Dresden branch is welcomed as a permanent system partner of 24plus logistics network.
2004After Poland's entry into the EU, the Robert Müller Group establishes a branch in Breslau/ Wrocław in order to be able to offer transports to and from Eastern Europe more quickly and efficiently from now on.
2003By establishing new branches in Paris and Dijon, the RM-Group further expands its French transport operations. 
2001The The head office in Saarlouis is the first location to become a partner and permanent system partner in the general cargo cooperation 24plus logistics network, which can ensure a nationwide network throughout Germany and Europe with around 60 partners.
2000The newly built head office of the Robert Müller Group is inaugurated in Saarlouis. With about 5,200 square meters handling hall and around 2,000 square meters office space, the existing capacities will be tripled.

From 1990 until 1999

1996The company's quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 for the first time.
1995The group of companies is the first and only German logistics company to become a partner in the French general cargo cooperative RÉSO, thus strengthening its Franco-German transport network.
1993As an early adapter, Robert Müller introduced barcode technology early on, thus continuing the professionalization of the general cargo business.
1992The expansion expansion continues. General cargo traffic is expanded throughout France and a first branch is established in Lyon.
1990A seven thousand square metre logistics hall is built in Saarlouis to ideally meet customer requirements and to expand the company's range of services with new logistics concepts.     
At the same time, two branches are founded in Leipzig and Dresden. 

From 1949 until 1989

1988  A modern and progressive handling hall is being built in Saarlouis to simplify and improve the ever faster growing general cargo traffic.
1983The first swap body vehicles are purchased for the fleet to make combined and scheduled services more efficient and easier.
1982 The first branch is founded in Hamburg and supplements the portfolio with overseas activities.
1975 Due to the constantly growing transport volume, a new office complex is being built in Saarlouis, where a team of 30 people can now take care of the needs of customers.
1950 - 1960The 1950s and 1960s were characterised by the expansion of the company's own vehicle fleet and the establishment of regular transports to northern Germany, in particular Hamburg and throughout France.
1949Robert Müller founded a private company of the same name in Hülzweiler with a former military maintenance truck acquired in the post-war period.

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We will be glad to help you. Please use our contact form.

Do you have any questions?

We will be glad to help you. Please use our contact form .